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TeleHealth (teleTina) Visits

As part of our intention to deliver high-quality and truly patient-centered care, we offer TeleHealth Visits or virtual healthcare visits - known as teleTina Visits.  These are real-time virtual visits between the patient and a Board-Certified, Independent Nurse Practitioner.  Our teleTina Visits allow you greater flexibility and convenience by allowing you to visit us at a time that works for you from your home or office - anywhere in Colorado!

You can use these virtual care visits for follow-ups, prescription refills, or even for your first meeting with a Nurse Practitioner provided a physical exam is not required. 

If you are a new patient or new to using our teleTina Visits, please scroll down for instructions. 

How a TeleHealth (teleTina) Visit Works

1. Request A teleTina Visit

Login to the Patient Portal (by athenahealth), click on appointments, and schedule a new appointment. Choose "Clocktree" as the location.

Request teleTina Appointment

2.  Login to Your teleTina Visit

Login to your Clocktree account at the time of your teleTina visit and wait for Tina to call you.

Login to teleTina Visit

3.  Talk to Tina!

No need to navigate after logging in to Clocktree. When Tina calls, simply answer the virtual call and the teleTina visit will start.

New Patient, or New to teleTina?

1.  Register for the Patient Portal

Click on the button below and fill out the form that appears to register for the Patient Portal.

Register for Patient Portal

2.  Schedule teleTina Appointment

Click on the button below to login to the Patient Portal, then schedule a teleTina appointment.
  • Click on "Appointments".
  • Select "Secure Online Video Appointment" as the reason for the appointment.
  • Click on "Find Appointments". A calendar will appear showing available appointments.
  • Select your Provider.
  • Choose "Clocktree" as the location.
  • Choose your desired appointment time. (If no times are available that fit your need, click on "Send a Request", which allows you to send a message to your provider requesting an appointment.)

Login to Patient Portal

3.  Register for Clocktree Account

Click on the button below and fill in the form to register for your Clocktree account.

Register for Clocktree

4.  Login to Clocktree

Click on the button below shortly before your scheduled appointment time to login to your Clocktree account.

Login to Clocktree

5.  Wait for Tina to Call you.

No need to navigate anywhere after logging in. Answer the virtual call when Tina calls and the teleTina visit will start.

Equipment Required for teleTina Visits

For our teleTina services, you may use any device with a camera and microphone that gives you access to the internet. Examples of these devices are:

Mobile Phone / Smart Phone
Tablet / iPad
Laptop / Desktop

Available Services

** We do not treat crisis or emergency situations. If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

** You can access the free, 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


You can use TeleHealth Visits to receive most of the same services that you can receive at our clinic. Following are the types of TeleHealth Visits you can schedule with a Nurse Practitioner:

teleTina Visit

Video clinic for non urgent healthcare needs. Save time and money. Experience the difference today! Independent Nurse Practitioners are able to meet your healthcare needs today.

Pain Management Planning

Pain management planning for chronic pain. Morphine equivalents must stay below 90. A drug screen will be completed and reviewed prior to any prescription for a controlled substance. The CPDMP will be reviewed prior to your appointment. Opioids will not be prescribed during an initial visit.

Triage Service

A Nurse Practitioner will assist you with decision making as to the level of care needed for a current problem.

Elder Care Evaluation

A Nurse Practitioner will meet you in the care facility of your loved one and assist you in advocating for your loved one.

Patient Liaison

A Nurse Practitioner will sit in virtually during your doctor appointment and help you get the answers that you need.

If your Nurse Practitioner determines that you need a physical exam or more urgent medical care, they may request that you come into our clinic. Or, they may refer you to an urgent care facility, an ER, or a specialist. You are still financially responsible for the time you booked as a teleTina Visit with your Nurse Practitioner.

If you are using insurance for your teleTina Visit, it is your responsibility to know what your plan will or will not cover. If your insurance is maxed our or denied, you will be responsible for the cost of your teleTina Visit. For more information on insurance, please visit our Medical Insurance page.

If you have not already done so, please register for our Patient Portal to communicate with your Nurse Practitioner and to view your medical records.  For more information, please go to our Patient Portal Page.

For more information about our Clinic in Louisville, Colorado, please visit our Clinic page.  

Please note that payment is due at the time of service.  

TeleHealth Visit Benefits

There are many benefits of TeleHealth Visits.  These benefits include:

  1. TeleHealth Visits provide more flexibility, convenience, and real-time care for patients.
  2. Patients who live in remote locations, who are homebound, or who just can't take off time from work can access care virtually.
  3. Patients who see The Nurses, LLC at their Louisville Clinic can complete follow-up visits and check-ups from their home or office in Colorado.
  4. Patients have faster access to The Nurses, LLC who can apply higher standards of care when evaluating them for various illnesses or other health conditions.
  5. Patients can save time by not having to travel between work and home and the doctor's office.
  6. Patients do not need access to reliable transportation.
  7. The Nurses, LLC can provide remote consultations and monitoring services, allowing patients to manage health conditions more effectively at home.

TeleHealth Visit Frequently Asked Questions

Is a TeleHealth Visit HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Privacy and security are crucial, so all TeleHealth (teleTina) Visits and all patient data are safe, secure, and encrypted in accordance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations.
Do you accept my insurance for a TeleHealth Visit?

We will accept your insurance for TeleHealth (teleTina) Visits if your insurance pays for TeleHealth Visits and if your insurance is one that we currently accept.
Can I always see a Nurse Practitioner via a TeleHealth (teleTina) Visit?

You can use these virtual care visits for follow-ups, prescription refills, or even for your first meeting with a Nurse Practitioner provided a physical exam is not required.
Why isn't my TeleHealth Visit audio working?

We know it sounds silly, but is your speaker volume turned up? We’ve all done that before. You can always play some music or open up a video clip on YouTube to test your sound.
Why isn't the TeleHealth Visit video loading?

You’ll need to check two things here. First, do you have your webcam all set up? If you’re using a mobile device, a tablet or iPad, or a more recent laptop or desktop computer chances are you have an integrated camera. If you’re on an older desktop or laptop computer, you may be using a separate webcam.

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, go to your control panel or settings menu and look for your webcam under devices. Test it out to see if it’s working. You could also try opening another video chat application like Skype to see if the webcam is working correctly.

Second, did you allow the web browser or application to access your webcam?
Why is the TeleHealth Visit video quality bad?

Low video quality is usually caused by a poor internet connection. You should have a minimum internet connection of 10mbps to do a TeleHealth Visit. That’s the minimum speed we recommend for streaming video.

To test your internet connection speed, visit speedtest.net and press start. If the test says your speed is under 10mbps and you’re using wifi, try using a wired internet connection or restarting your router.

Some integrated cameras on older desktop and laptop computers might have lower quality video capabilities than more recent computers.
Why can't my Nurse Practitioner hear me on the TeleHealth Visit?

Check your microphone. Is it working? Like the webcam, you’re probably dealing with an integrated microphone if you’re on a mobile device or laptop. If you’re on your desktop or laptop computer, you might have an external microphone plugged in.

Go to your device panel or settings and make sure your microphone is set-up. You could also open a simple voice recorder app (most mobile devices or tablets/iPads come with one) and do a test recording.
The TeleHealth Visit froze.  What should I do now?

Chances are, your internet connection dropped. Try refreshing the webpage — usually that will help. If you’re still having issues, check on your internet connection at speedtest.net.

If you continue to have problems, contact your Nurse Practitioner or send an email message to nurse@thenurses.com.